Again we need your input, however we can start with the following tips:

TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT - I telephoned a gearbox manufacturer in Yorkshire and asked for some advice on gearbox running temperatures as one that we had fitted was running very hot. He told me that gearboxes do run hot. He then said in his Yorkshire accent, “I’ll give you some advice, if you don’t have a thermometer and you want to know if the gearbox is too hot, spit on it, if it sizzles it’s too bloody hot, if it doesn’t it’s ok” - Tony Ball

FINDING A LEVEL - If you want to know if a motor (or anything for that matter) is level but you don’t have a spirit level with you, put a round coin on a flat level spot on top of the motor and in line with the shaft. If the motor is level the coin will stand still, if it isn’t level it will roll - Tony Ball.

DOES THE GEARBOX NEED OIL OR GREASE? - Sometimes when servicing a gearbox, you will find a thick sludge like residue in the bottom of the box. Sometimes there is no sight glass or

level plug (which would suggest it is not oil but not always) and there is no information available, so you are left with the question, “Should it be lubricated with oil or  grease”?

Grease is made up of oil, a thickener and additives. The thickener is like a sponge and serves as a carrier for the oil. During start-up the oil is ejected from the grease and the thickener is discarded. This leaves a thin film of oil for lubrication. So whether it should be grease or oil, ultimately the lubrication is always oil.

On this basis, if you are not sure which type of lubricant should be used, oil seems the best bet. Finally, the viscosity of the oil depends upon temperature, speed, type of gearbox and other factors so the viscosity is at your discretion - Tony Ball.



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